The Science of Awesome

All it takes is a little awe to make you feel religious

Do These Clips Make You Believe in God?

They do for many American test subjects
- Slate

Behind the Scenes: CMC’s Moral Emotions and Trust (MEAT)Lab

What effect does a person’s emotional state have on moral behavior or judgment and decisions? Student research assistants at the MEATLab are finding out how relevant this under-studied field can be in such areas as politics and religion
- Claremont McKenna College

Awe and Connection

What we've learned about affiliations, supporting veterans, and future directions on community
- Compassion Research Day

My daughter Isabella shows off her self-control



Hypocrisy in the Sports World and Beyond

Piercarlo talks about his research and helps us understand how a baseball fan can boo Alex Rodriguez as a steroid user … all the while wearing the jersey of another player suspended for PEDs.
- This is Your Brain on Sports Podcast, Sports Illustrated

Do You Believe In Satan? How Belief In Pure Evil Affects Behavior

Researchers are looking at the implications of belief in “pure evil” on psychological and social behaviors. Piercarlo wrote about the “The Psychological Power of Satan” for Scientific American
- New Hampshire Public Radio
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New Research Indicates Just Thinking About Science Increases Moral Behavior

Research at the University of California, Santa Barbara reveals that people do indeed carry deep and positive associations with the scientific method. Piercarlo wrote about the experiments for Scientific American
- New Hampshire Public Radio
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The Science of Moral Decisions?

Piercarlo asks what science can tell us about our moral decision-making processes
- Science & the City Podcast
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The Joy Cardin Show

Have you ever wondered why a seemingly down-to-earth family man would cheat on his wife? Or why a politician who’s crusaded against prostitution winds up being one of the biggest johns of all time? Piercarlo discusses what makes people act out-of-character, and how our prevailing view of character is all wrong
- Wisconsin Public Radio
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